San Francisco Waxing
Coming from the country that brought you the thong, buttocks, extreme beach volley ball and supermodel Giselle Bundchen, Fabricia is an expert in the fine art of hair removal.

We use superior Brazilian Beauty wax and products and will educate you on all aspects of pre-waxing and aftercare. If you haven’t been waxed before, we suggest you start with a simple leg wax. Our technique is efficient and quick, and you’ll love the smooth results. Most importantly, we promise to be gentle! We do beautiful work on men too!

For maximum beauty, we recommend 4 to 6 weeks between visits.


  • Between appointments, exfoliate your skin.
  • At night in bed wear cotton or NO underwear to let your skin ‘breathe’.  (The Brazilian way).
  • Pre-book your waxing to ensure correct hair-growth time between appointments.
  • Don’t apply deodorant until 24 hrs after waxing.  (It’s a sting thing).
  • Don’t swim in chlorine or salt water for 24 hrs after waxing as pores are open and susceptible to infection.
  • Don’t shave between visits as it distorts hair growth.
  • Don’t pick in-grown hairs as scarring or infection could occur. (Get them professionally removed).
  • Avoid waxing 2 days before and after menstruation as the body is more sensitive to pain.
  • Avoid solariums for 24 hrs after waxing as the body is more prone to burning.
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